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Power  Peel System

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Your skin will undergo a complete transformation, with visible results after just one application and optimal results over time.

•Soft, smooth skin.

•Fine, translucent texture.

•Healthy, radiant color.

•Minimized wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging.

•More relaxed facial features that are firmer and better toned.

Power Peel – 60 mins.

Medical grade peeling treatment to transform your skin.  the process that combines Glycolic peel and organic mask to eliminate dead skin cells, pull out impurities, and supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion.


The Power Peel system stimulates cell replacement, improves texture, and boosts skin hydration by helping it prevent water loss.  It’s a safe, potent way to reduce signs of aging like fine wrinkles, create a more even skin tone, brighten your skin, reduce the appearance of acne scars or the redness of rosacea, diminish pore size, and tighten skin. You’ll see and feel smoother, tighter skin with a youthful, healthy glow.


Power Peel treatment can be used on most skin types and skin tones. It’s safe, paraben-free, and effective, and irritation-free. The peels can be done every 15 days, with a series of six to 12 treatments generally recommended for best results.



This peel was created to eliminate sunspots, dark spots, lentigines, acne scars, vascular melasma, and all types of hyperpigmentation. Power Peel combines growth factors with powerful lightning agents, targeting existing dark areas and inhibiting future melanin production to prevent future dark areas. With its active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes and peptides, Nano-Peel is safe, with no irritation or side effects. You’ll get brighter skin, an improved complexion, and a smoother texture, instantly!

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