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Body Scrubs

Our therapeutic scrubs contain only the finest natural ingredients, these invigorating scrubs will give you smooth skin and increase energy. You can combine any scrub with a wrap or massage. 

Orange Blossom


Coffee Mint 

Rosemary  Lemongrass


Deluxe Buff- N-Wrap

Body Wraps
We recommend a wrap after an exfoliating scrub or colonic session.  Your  wrapped in a cocoon allowing the herbs and spices

to soak deep into your body.


Healing Indian Clay Wrap - 60 mins.
Incorporating Indian clay, turmeric, ginger and clove to create heat that is ideal for aching joints.


Slimming Clay Wrap - 80 mins.

Your in the hot sauna for 20 minutes, stimulating massage, wrapped in a foil and plastic you will be losing a lot of water weight. for solid waste best to combine with a Colonic Session. 

Cellulite Seaweed Wrap - 60 mins. 

A vigorous massage is done to break up the bulging fat tissue, areas of concern will be wrapped individually before the full body plastic goes on. 


Deluxe Buff -N-Wrap - 90 mins.
This combination removes toxins from pores and lymph system. When combined with Colonic session great for weight loss results. 

After booking please download this form and complete it before coming for your appointment. Otherwise please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to fill out the necessary forms. 

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