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EMS Bodysculpting

Burn Fat Build Muscle Without The Sweat

EMS Bodysculpting Is a non-invasive treatment, has no downtime, and can provide results from your first 60-minute session which is the equivalent of 20,000 crunches. It contracts your muscles beyond what you can do at the gym in one session and increases fat metabolism.  This machine will Tighten and tone muscle more effectively than exercise alone, this latest technology will give you the results everyone is looking for.  This device helps patients burn fat and build muscle unlike traditional weight loss or slimming procedures, the EMS Body sculpting machine not only burns fat quickly and efficiently but also builds muscle, toning your body into the ideal shape and silhouette with long-lasting results.


EMS Bodysculpting can be performed on any part of the body that requires toning or shaping including, arms, thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, and buttocks without surgery, downtime, or pain. Results are instant and can be magnified through multiple sessions (generally 4-6) to give long-lasting effective muscle toning.


The only procedure on the market that builds muscle while melting fat, this systematic process aids in creating long-lasting results for both men and women in reaching their fitness goals without having to invest hours and hours at the gym.


  • Builds muscle and burns fat Together!

  • Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure

  • Suitable for everyone - No anesthesia - No surgery

  • Only a 45-minute a procedure

  • Only 4-6  sessions needed

  • Feels like an intensive workout

  • Safe with No downtime

  • Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks

  • 25% average increase in muscle mass

  • 30% on average fat reduction

How does EMS Bodysculpting work?

EMS Bodysculpting is unique in that it not only burns fat but helps build muscle tissue as well. The contractions caused by the strengthened muscles can also improve posture around joints and in many cases reduce pain.  can even be used in conjunction with physical therapy to help strengthen certain muscle groups after an injury. This sets it apart from other body contouring methods such as Cool Sculpting, ultrasound, radio frequency, and laser treatments which only target fat burning.  In addition to strengthening and building muscle tissue, these supramaximal contractions catalyze a process within the body referred to as lipolysis, where fat cells are broken down and eventually excreted. Patients are left with stronger muscles, better definition, and a reduction in stored fat cells.

EMS bodysculpting machine can be used to treat the following regions of the body:

  • Abdomen

  • Buttocks

  • Biceps

  • Calves

  • Thighs


The most common side effect is a feeling of muscle soreness, like the sensation one might feel after a vigorous workout: 

Treatment is designed to mitigate this soreness by helping to flush lactic acid out of the body.  If you do experience some muscle soreness, you may want to avoid working out for several hours after treatment.  EMS bodysculpting is not permanent but there are things you can do to maximize your results. Many patients begin to see results after their very first treatment and typically see continued improvement for up to 6 months after completing their full treatment regimen. EMS Bodysculpting is a great way to kick-start a fitness routine or build a foundation

for a regular exercise program. Patients who regularly exercise the muscle groups targeted by EMS Body sculpting treatments tend to see the longest-lasting results. Follow-up or maintenance sessions can be scheduled based on your unique health and fitness goals.


Who should not get EMS Bodysculpting treatment:

EMS Bodysculpting is not recommended for women who are pregnant, and it is not safe for patients who have metal pieces (e.g., plates or screws), medical devices (such as a pacemaker), or an IUD (intrauterine device for birth control) in their body.

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