Vaginal Rejuvenation

CO2 Laser is minimally invasive procedure is virtually painless and takes only minutes. The Femilift in-office procedure employs a CO2 fractional Laser Pixel technology, which is inserted into the vagina with a comfortable probe. The procedure consists of three treatments over three months plus a follow-up treatment one year later. 


CO2 laser address the loss of collagen or tightness in the vagina due to childbirth, aging or gravity. The Femilift laser treatment increases collagen and blood flow in the vaginal tissues. This helps to reduce vaginal laxity and improve sexual functioning, including a noticeable tightening of the interior of the vagina and increased lubrication. In addition, increased blood flow to the vagina increases helps to maintain vaginal ph and prevents recurrent infections.  


Laser Therapy Helps A Wide Range Of Feminine Health Issues

FemiLift offers a quick, safe and highly effective solution that addresses a wide range of feminine health concerns. Femilift can be performed in an outpatient setting with no need for anesthesia, virtually no pain and achieves immediate improvement with lasting results. There is no patient downtime and women can regain their daily routine immediately post procedure.  CO2 Laser  also improves the support to the urethra so it can reduce or cure the loss of urine that occurs with sneezing, coughing or exercise. By generating controlled micro-ablative damage as well as deep thermal heat within the submucosa tissue, FemiLift regenerates collagen and elastin reformation and promotes tissue rejuvenation. Each Femilift treatment only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.  using a novel, minimally invasive technology that requires no post procedure down time. Patients report a near-immediate return to activity, including sexual intercourse. 

So many benefits:

  • Minimally invasive

  • Virtually Painless Procedure

  • Each Treatment Only Takes Minutes

  • Enhanced Muscle Tone, Strength & Elasticity Of Vaginal Tissues

  • Maximum precision and safety with latest CO2 laser technology

  • Minimal Post Treatment Downtime

  • Better Control Over Urinary Incontinence

  • Stronger Sensation During Intercourse


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